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Innovative Deck Designs

One of the more popular home remodeling upgrades being made these days is the addition of a deck.  A deck is often times preferred to a patio because it can be more attractive, take advantage of a view, and/or work with the existing topography of the yard.  Consider using an eco-friendly wood that has been reclaimed or sustainably harvested in order to minimize environmental impact.  Here are a few deck designs to consider:

attached deck


The most basic and common type of deck is the attached deck.  An attached deck is much like a patio, except it is wooden and slightly raised.  Often times it will serve as not only an enjoyable outdoor living space, but as a pathway connecting exterior doors of an L-shaped house.





detached deck



The advantage of a detached deck is that it can be positioned anywhere on the property and take advantage of a sizable yard.  This type of deck allows you to have some privacy and seclusion when creating your outdoor space, and can work well with the exiting topography of your yard.

multilevel deck






If your property has a sloping elevation, a multi-level deck may be your answer.  It can lead gradually down to a grassy or wooded area, putting you right in the middle of the outdoors for maximum enjoyment.



sideyard deck




An often overlooked part of the yard, the side-yard is prone to disarray and neglect.  Especially in urban settings, it’s important to use every part of your home and yard to maximize living space.  Your side-yard can be a nice private off-shoot from a side bedroom or a cozy eating area next to the kitchen.  Don’t neglect this space, make it useful instead, you’re paying for it!