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Experienced Building Contractors

From idea to completion, Tip Top Builders will make sure every part of the process is completed to the highest specifications.  Throughout the entire process Tip Top’s contractor will be your point of contact, ensuring the smoothest process possible.  Their contractors are very experienced with many years of construction work under their belts, able to expertly advise you on your home remodeling project.

Tip Top Remodeling gives free estimates AND designs, and all calls made are returned within 24 hours.  They will send a professional contractor out to your property and give you a complete estimate.  If you decide to go through with their service then the designs will be free of charge as well.

All jobs are started and completed on time, no exceptions.  Tip Top keeps the project site neat and clean, avoiding you headaches such as fines from the city or unhappy neighbors.  They also provide financing if need be and try to work within your budget to meet your needs.

For all your home remodeling and construction needs, whether it be bathroom/kitchen remodeling, room addition, or yard construction, call the professionals at Tip Top Builders to get the job done right.

Types of Room Additions

If your home is short on living space and you don’t have an attic or basement to convert, a room addition may be your only option (short of buying a new house). There are four main types of room additions:

An entire new room, or several, is added to the house.  Be aware you are essentially building a mini-house complete with contractor, permits, wiring, and HVAC, even if it is just one room.  You can add plumbing to that list if there is a bathroom. This is the second most expensive option, rarely costing less than $60k, and normally costing upwards of $100k.

Second Story
If you are in need of a lot more space, and don’t want to cut into your yard, consider adding a second story.  A sizable renovation indeed, this will most likely make your house unlivable for the majority of the renovations.  Same deal as the full-size room addition in terms of a mini-house, and this will generally cost over $100k.

Bump Out
A scaled down addition, usually an enhancement of an existing room. Homeowners will do a bump out when they want to add square footage to a bedroom, kitchen, main room, or add a bathroom. They are much cheaper than a full-size addition, but the cost per square foot will be higher.

Adding a sunroom has become popular in recent years, partly in due to the invention of thermal-resistant glass and improvements in insulation.  Sunrooms don’t always need plumbing and HVAC, which helps cut down on the cost of construction.

Contact the professionals at Tip Top Remodeling for all your home improvement needs.

Financing a Home Renovation

Before searching for home financing options, it’s important that you set a budget.  Once the expenses start adding up it can be hard to stop if you didn’t tell yourself before what your ceiling will be.  With the average kitchen renovation costing upwards of 50-60,000, it is likely that you will need financial assistance in the form of a loan.  Here are a few of your options:

Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)
- Low-interest, variable rate
- Uses your home as collateral by borrowing a percentage of your home equity
- Hard to get, but the best choice if you have home equity
o Home values have plummeted in recent years.  Only people who put a substantial down payment or have owned their home for a long time qualify.
- Process can take a while, and usually requires you to pay for a home inspection
- Often the best rate available

financingContractor Loan
- Borrow directly from your contractor
- Check to make sure rates are competitive, sometimes contractors get kickbacks from lending agency
- Convenient

Government Solar Incentive Programs
- Tax credits if you use eco-friendly materials/products
- Up to $1,500 credit for using Energy Star appliances, and even bigger credits for solar energy systems
- State programs offer additional benefits

Personal Loan
- Compared to credit cards, personal loans have a lower, fixed interest rate
- Check online for offers, just be careful and make sure the business is legitimate

Title 1 Home Improvement Loans
- Government provides private lenders with insurance to provide loans for up to 25k for home improvements for terms up to 20 years
- These loans can be used for anything except luxury improvements like hot tubs
- Interest rates are generally between 10-14%, which is often half of what private lenders charge

Happy Earth Day! Recycle Recycle Recycle!



In celebrating earth day, I would like to share things that we can do to help our beloved earth:

  • Recycle
    Don’t just throw used cans and bottles, recycle them! Don’t forget to recycle papers to reduce the number of trees being cut each day.
  • Bring your own grocery bag
    Reduce the number of plastic bag usage by bringing our own grocery bag, preferably the ones that are made of canvas. I prefer canvas bags because they’re just easy to maintain  :-)
  • Plant a tree (or even trees!)
    How is your garden? Grow flowers and plants to beautify your garden.


There are other things that you can do to help our earth, like commuting, or ride your bicycle! What did you to celebrate earth day?


Choosing a Color Scheme for Your Bedroom

Color is a great way to add personality and character to a bedroom. You can opt for a bold pop art explosion or you can go for a combination with clean lines and timeless class. There are so many different combos to pick from, and the bedroom is a place to unleash your inhibitions and let the color scheme highlight a defined personality.

The first step is to make a list of possible color schemes. You have to decide what colors that are a must-have and the colors that you wouldn’t dare want to see every morning and every night. The color choices you make also have a lot to do with the mood you’d like the room to reflect. Warm colors such as hues of browns and reds can give a room an alluring sex appeal, whilst a combination of cool hues of blues and greens make the room a dreamy escape.

Once you’ve chosen, the next step will be to pick which colors will be dominate and which colors will be complimentary. If you  have a favorite comforter or distinct pattern, then this could be a great place to start when selecting.

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