Small Yard Design Ideas

small yard design ideaAs we all know outdoor living space is precious, especially in urban settings.  When the amount of space you have is an issue, but the need to enjoy the outdoors is paramount, you must work with what you have to achieve maximum results.  Getting creative with your yard will help you utilize the most of your space and create that outdoor living area where you and your friends and family can enjoy for years to come.  Here are some ways to make that small space appear large and inviting.

Utilize Every Inch

Making the most of your yard means using every available inch.  Now this does not necessarily mean making the entire yard usable, but by having a creative combination of living and viewing space your yard will seem larger.  Use stonework, decks, and pathways to create clearly defined space.  Separation also creates the illusion of more space and will add to the overall aesthetic appeal of the yard.

Get Vertical

Using vertical lines and accents creates the illusion of space.  It also allows you to have potted plants where normally you wouldn’t be able to.  Just be careful when watering them, as wet soil can stain siding.  Plant small shrubs, or trim trees so they complement the space, not consume it.  Accent walls help divide the space as well as provide a side table or potting bed.


Perhaps the best way to make your small yard seem bigger is to utilize perspective.  Constructing a pathway either down the middle of your at an angle, or straight with a vine-covered pergola will create a vanishing point that will make your yard seem to go on forever!

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