Types of Room Additions

If your home is short on living space and you don’t have an attic or basement to convert, a room addition may be your only option (short of buying a new house). There are four main types of room additions:

An entire new room, or several, is added to the house.  Be aware you are essentially building a mini-house complete with contractor, permits, wiring, and HVAC, even if it is just one room.  You can add plumbing to that list if there is a bathroom. This is the second most expensive option, rarely costing less than $60k, and normally costing upwards of $100k.

Second Story
If you are in need of a lot more space, and don’t want to cut into your yard, consider adding a second story.  A sizable renovation indeed, this will most likely make your house unlivable for the majority of the renovations.  Same deal as the full-size room addition in terms of a mini-house, and this will generally cost over $100k.

Bump Out
A scaled down addition, usually an enhancement of an existing room. Homeowners will do a bump out when they want to add square footage to a bedroom, kitchen, main room, or add a bathroom. They are much cheaper than a full-size addition, but the cost per square foot will be higher.

Adding a sunroom has become popular in recent years, partly in due to the invention of thermal-resistant glass and improvements in insulation.  Sunrooms don’t always need plumbing and HVAC, which helps cut down on the cost of construction.

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