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Revamp Your Kitchen With Our Remodeling Services

The kitchen is in many ways the center of a home. It is used for cooking, eating, relaxing, and it’s a place of gathering for friends and family. Thanks to our years of experience remodeling kitchens, we know what people are looking for. We can help you with lighting, appliances, and windows. Our satisfied customers choose Tip-Top Builders because they know their needs and expectations will be met

Below are some of the benefits we offer our valued customers:

  • Affordable pricing
  • Financing options available
  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed
  • Free in-home estimates


You can be assured that we will assist you in picking the best plumbing and flooring options for you new kitchen. For a FREE consultation, call us immediately at (888) 884-8501.

A Great Remodeled Bathroom For Your Satisfaction

Have you ever dreamed about owning a great bathroom for you and your family in your own home? If you ever thought of that, this is the time for you to accomplish your dream of owning a beautiful bathroom.

A desired bathroom will become a reality if you know how to remodel it. Here you will find Tip Top Builders Inc. with their professional team serving you up to the maximum. Do not worry about your already done bathroom because you don’t have to destroy all your properties to make a new great one. The best team provides your bathroom to be redesigned. You just need to consult and a new free charge design will be brought and absolutely impress you. Then of course the rest of it will be finished immediately by Tip Top Builder Inc. as their commitment in satisfying clients.

If you want a great bathroom right away in your own home, take your phone and make a call now or you can go to the website and fill in the blank for your information and they will contact you soon.

Happy Earth Day! Recycle Recycle Recycle!



In celebrating earth day, I would like to share things that we can do to help our beloved earth:

  • Recycle
    Don’t just throw used cans and bottles, recycle them! Don’t forget to recycle papers to reduce the number of trees being cut each day.
  • Bring your own grocery bag
    Reduce the number of plastic bag usage by bringing our own grocery bag, preferably the ones that are made of canvas. I prefer canvas bags because they’re just easy to maintain  :-)
  • Plant a tree (or even trees!)
    How is your garden? Grow flowers and plants to beautify your garden.


There are other things that you can do to help our earth, like commuting, or ride your bicycle! What did you to celebrate earth day?